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Commute Coin Shop

What is a CO2-Coin Partner?

CO2-Coin Business Partnership is your unique marketing platform where you only pay for your marketing once the customer has made a purchase in your store.


It only takes 10 minutes for you to get started with your first deal or discount, and increase the number of customers in your store.

Commute's vision is to encourage the choice of green modes of transport. We convert saved CO2 by carpooling and green modes of transport, i.e. green kilometers, to actual value, so that every time you commute e.g. choose to take the bike instead of the car, they will earn CO2-Coins.


Users can then use their earned CO2-Coins to activate discounts and offers in our CO2-Coin Partners' stores.

Benefits as a CO2-Coin Partner

  • Unique marketing platform, where you only pay us when the customer has made a purchase in your store

  • More customers and increased revenue in your business.

  • If you make a purchase in your store, we update the green km that have been transferred to your store from our users, and help you communicate your positive impact on the environment.

  • Easily register and create new offers

  • Free advice for preparing new offers based on experience

  • Monthly invoices with transaction statistics

  • You get a one-month free trial period, and afterwards you pay only 6.5% of the regular price for the purchase made in the store via the platform

  • You can get started with your first offer in just 10 minutes!

Right now we are collaborating with the following CO2-Coin Partners

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