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We motivate people to move green

Travel and move green with Commute

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What is Commute?

Commute is a revolutionary behavior and transportation app that motivates our users to choose green modes of transportation.

Once you have Commute installed, the app automatically registers your mode of transportation and gives you CO2-Coins based on which green mode of transport you choose.

How does it work?

With Commute you can see an overview of your total green transport, whether it is via bicycle, public transport, electric car or other modes. In addition, you can also use our built-in ridesharing service if you want, or would like to provide, a lift.

When you choose green modes of transport, we recognize and reward the green transport behavior with CO2-Coins, which can be used in our Coin-Shop.

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The Coin-Shop & CO2-Coin Partners

We work with a number of companies that offer exclusive discounts and offers via our CO2 Coin-Shop. You can redeem your CO2-Coins in the Coin-Shop, to access unique offers and discounts at our partners stores.

Read more about what it means to be a CO2-Coin Partner and what we can offer, or register as a partner right away.

Green transport for the climate

In Commute, we really want to help everyone be part of the green transistion. That's why we've built Commute to be the best ridesharing and green mobility  app on the market.

By reducing the amount of cars on the roads, we save the climate from a huge amount of CO2 emission. By choosing the bike, bus, train, walking or something completely different, we all make a small difference which has a big effect in the end.

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Commute for Hotels & Businesses

In Commute, we work with the green transisition in many ways and see opportunities not just for individuals, but also for large organisations and hotels.

At CommuteApp, financial savings go hand in hand with sustainability. We offer companies a free commuting app that employees are free to use for their daily transportation from home and to work and at the same time can be expanded to organise internal transport to meetings, conferences etc.

For hotels, we deliver a platform that makes it easy and secure to book CO2-neutral taxis with a focus on user-friendliness, service and quality.

Read more about our solutions here.

Commute's International Users

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