Because of the Danish authorities call for large companies to facilitate carpooling to reduce the pressure on public transport during the Covid-19 crisis, we have helped our customers and their staff to establish a safe transport solution with minimal risk of infection. Due to the situation, we currently offer accelerated development and implementation processes, so contact us for a customized solution for your organization.

With Commute, sustainability goes hand in hand with saving money. Be part of the mission and reduce the CO2-emission. We optimize the use of own cars, taxis, rental and company cars within companies and public institutions by adjusting our solution specifically to our clients needs.

24276 kg. CO2
saved together

Make your organization ride together.

There is a lot of money to be saved, if your employees share rides.

Even if carpooling already exists within the organization, the problem is often that the employees struggle to effectively communicate, especially across departments: Who is driving and when are they leaving? This we solve by making shielded ridesharing solutions, which give the employees the necessary overview quickly and intuitively.

Commute makes it possible for employees to easily communicate and find colleagues going to the same conferences and meetings outside of the company. Vacant seats are shown in real time, and inviting a colleague to ride along is easier than ever. Plus, the chat function makes it simple for employees to coordinate and plan.

Commute will help your company lead the charge in the work for a greener future, and make it easier to comply with UN’s sustainable development goals and Global Compact. In Denmark, 10 out of 11 cars on the roads are driving with only one person in the vehicle. Ridesharing is the quickest and most effective way to reduce CO2 emissions: When we share our rides, we reduce our carbon footprint on the environment by up to 80%.

Furthermore, our integrated, real-time CO2-emission calculator makes it possible for your company to share the positive numbers on the intranet and use them in annual reports.

The technology is here - ACT NOW!

The organization

Benefits for the organization

Reduce costs

Compensating employees for travel is expensive. When multiple employees travel together, you can drastically reduce company expenses, and make work more efficient.

Reduce CO2-emissions

90% of cars on the road cary only the driver in the vehicle. When we ride together, we reduce our carbon footprint by up to 80%.

Less administrative waste time for the employees

With Commute there is no reason to manually report every time a trip has been driven within the organization. We automate this time-consuming proces and to get reimbursed now only demand one click per month.

Strengthen the culture of the organization

Sharing rides is also sharing ideas and spending time together. This strengthens employee relationships within the organization.

Easier parking

Less cars driving means more available parking spots, saving your employees time, and frustration. What's not to like?

Commute outside work

Commute mainly focuses on ridesharing during work. But your employees can also use the solution to commute to and from work. The app is designed based on user behaviour, and the employees will in our solution not be depended of each other in the morning and after work.

This is how it works

Step 1

Use you phone number to register. Shortly after, you will receive a text message with a confirmation code.

Step 2

Choose if you want to create a ride, or join one.

Step 3

Enter the information about the trip you are planning to drive, or want to join. When joining rides, Commute will automatically show you matching trips.

Step 4

Apply for a seat in the car as a passenger, or receive and manage applications as a driver.

Step 5

Use the integrated chat function to plan and coordinate the details of the trip - and enjoy the ride!

You can reduce CO2 emissions

Commute is nominated for this year’s climate award in the Swedish Region Jönköping! Why?

Ridesharing is the quickest and most efficient way to instantly reduce CO2 emissions.

Commute is a platform that quickly and easily gives an overview of who is going your way soon, and who needs a ride. All without making the employees depend on each other.

Commute will make it much easier for employees to go to external meetings and conferences together. This saves your organization both time and money, and reduces your CO2 emission.

The total CO2 emissions in Denmark has to be reduced by 70% before 2030, according to Danish government. If every driver picked up just one more passenger every 20th time he or she drives their car, we would reach 1% of that goal.
Unfortunately, our infrastructure is filling up fast. Today, 2,6 million cars travel the roads of Denmark - all in a country of just 5,7 million people! In 2018, the marginal external costs were DKK 0,4 per kilometre - and delays resulting from rush hour-related traffic cost the Danish society DKK 24 billion.

The economical and environmental costs increase the risk of national and international regulations. And companies and organizations will be told to lift their share of the burden.

So, be a part of the future, and start saving money and CO2 emissions. Just use Commute.

Get a unique app for your organization where only the relevant employees have access. The app tracks your employees' reduction of CO2 emissions in real-time, which first can be published on the intranet and later used in the CSR reports. This makes CO2-bonus budgets possible - for the whole company or for each department. Also, the app can send out push notifications at important strategic moments.

The team behind Commute

Phillip Thorvald Jespersen


Simone Ulv Kankowski

UX Specialist and Head of Marketing

Lisbeth Lumby Rasmussen

Head of Sales Public Sector

Marie Dam Larsen

Research & Innovation Manager

Emma Kirstine Jespersen


Martin Romvig

Chairman of the Board

Mads Jakobsen

Member of the Board

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