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We are born Global, but we act Local

At Commute, it is important for us to provide superior service and user-friendly functionalities, no matter where our users are in the world.


We work with a number of international partners to deliver user experiences that are integrated and dynamic, optimized for the countries in which we operate. We believe that the cultural and local expertise necessary for success is best found in the host country.

Together with Ride with Commute, we provide ridesharing services in Nigeria, with a focus on safety and convenience, at a quality and service level that ensures the users get the service they deserve. We have also integrated our Coin-Shop in Nigeria so that our users in Nigeria can use their earned CO2-Coins in local stores.


In co-operation with ENL, one of the biggest companies in Mauritius, and Moka Smart City, who is building a leading smart and sustainable city, we deliver our full Commute app in Mauritius, and facilitates several green kilometers daily. We have integrated our Coin-Shop in Mauritius so that our users can utilize their CO2-Coins throughout the whole country.

By being a CO2-Coin Partner, you can make use of the Commute platform, to market your store to our users and strenghten the green transistion in your local area.

When Commute's users use their CO2-Coins in your store, we automatically log how many green kilometers have been converted in the store. The more transactions, the greater the positive impact your store has helped create for the climate.

We integrate our Coin-Shop and our CO2-Coin Partner system with all our international partners, so that together we can facilitate green transportation world wide.

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CommuteApp's Partners

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