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The taxi booking platform that offers
fixed prices, safe payments and great guest service

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Hotel Reception

For the Hotel

Better service and more security for the guest as well as increased earnings

By taxi

For the Taxi Company

More hotel customers, increased earnings and a positive influence on the climate

Hotel Entrance

Hotel Ride by CommuteApp is your taxi booking service that makes it possible to increase service towards your guest for transportation to/from the hotel. We have experiences from several continents, and our global platform can be adapted to the needs of each hotel.


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Why Hotel Ride by CommuteApp?

We have created Hotel Ride by CommuteApp because we on many travels have experienced some painpoints when using taxis to/from the hotel. For example, is it a safe taxi, how is the service from the driver, can I pay with my credit card, do I get the correct route/price and can I get a receipt?


Therefore we have set out to increase service, security and convenience for the guest, when travelling to and from the hotel, no matter where in the world. This is done through a state-of-the-art taxi booking platform to the reception as well as some unique guest self service solutions.

How does it work?


We help with setting up fixed price rides at your preferred taxi partner, so you easily and quickly get access to booking taxis for your guests.


The guest can pre-pay the taxi ride on the hotel, either through credit card or by adding it to the room bill.

More Security and Convenience

When a taxi is ordered and paid for at the hotel, the guest does not need to worry about additional payment, receipts and whether you get the right route. Thereby, the guest on average is secured a cheaper taxi price.

Hotel Features

Hotel Benefits

Better Service

With CommuteApp's booking platform, we offer extra services such as pick-up at the airport, SMS service for the guest about taxi status, electronic receipts, etc.

Monthly Reporting

Each month we can report on how many trips have been completed, their status as well as how many trees the hotel has contributed to plant.

Increased Earnings

When ordering a taxi via CommuteApp's platform and the guest pays at the hotel, a service fee is charged which is shared between CommuteApp and the hotel.

Fairness & Transparency

We work together on the basis of a fair model that aims to create the greatest possible value at all levels, with transparency and ease-of-use as the cornerstones. It is important for us that our solution only creates winners, from the guest, to the taxi company and to the climate.

CO2-Neutral Taxi Services

In CommuteApp, we want to help others make green transportation choices.  Therefore, when the guest pays via our platform, we CO2 compensate for their ride. Furthermore, we offer the possibility of ridesharing to reduce the number of empty seats.

More Resources

By making the booking process easier, faster and more flexible, we also free up more resources in the reception to serve the guests.

Taxi Benefits

Taxiselskab Features

More Trips and Hotel Customers

With a tailormade and more available taxi solution for the hotel, it is our experience that the number of trips increases, because it is now easier and safer for the reception to offer a taxi service. This also attracts more hotel customers that we together can make solutions for. Furthermore, HotelRide helps with customer service towards the hotel and the guests.

Increased Earnings

With more trips driven from the hotel, and less time spent on payment for each trip, more time is released to the drivers, ultimately driving up earnings. Furthermore, we give the possibility of charging premium prices for premium services, for example airport pick-up.

Avoid Credit Card Fees

With CommuteApp's platform, we offer payment for the taxi trip at the hotel. Thereby the credit card fee by payment in the taxi can be avoided.

Avoiding a negative price spiral

The taxi prices have for several years been declining globally. We are convinced that declining prices does not work in favour of increased guest service. Therefore we together go into dialogue with the hotel to hit the price level. Most hotel guests are not price, but service and security sensitive, why it is not about negotiating the biggest possible discount.

No Payment to CommuteApp

We are partners in offering a better product and an increased service for the hotels and their guests. You get the prices you need and are used to, because we are 100% convinced that everybody in the value chain should win to ultimately improve the final product.

CO2-Neutral Taxi Service

We CO2 compensate trips completed via our platform, which you can use in your communication about your sustainability

CommuteApp Hotel Ride creates transparency and more service for the hotel guest, since we strengthen the whole setup around the hotel's taxi service and thereby the possibilities, the hotel can offer its guests.

We help with training and education in the system, so together we make sure to create the best possible experience for the hotel guest.

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